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Eau Claire Rentals - Manz Companies
Rental Policies

Policies shown below are for all rental locations unless otherwise stated in the lease or rental agreement.

Application policy

By filling out and submitting a rental application to Eau Claire Rentals (Manz Companies), you authorize Manz Companies, it’s principals, agents, and employees to receive, provide, and exchange information pertaining to your credit and payment history, opinions and recommendations of personal, employment, and rental references.
Information provided to us will be used only for purposes of rental application and related research. Upon acceptance or denial of completed rental application, all information will be used only for Manz Companies internal purposes and will not be provided to any outside person or entity unless authorized by applicant.

Information used for acceptance or denial of application.

Criminal background check
Credit Report
Rental history references
Employer confirmation
Income confirmation(Rent amount must be 25% or less of monthly income.)
Banking References
Personal References

No Fees, Deposits, or Rent will be accepted with rental application.

Rental applications may be denied without further notice, if not completed properly or information provided is inaccurate.

Online application form         Printable PDF Residential            Printable PDF Commercial

Pet Policy
No cats, dogs.
No ferrets, no mink.
No chickens.
No uncaged or uncontained animals.
No more than 2 of any animal will be allowed.
No guest animals are allowed.
All pets must be approved by the Landlord (approval to keep a pet on the premises can be revoked, with a 15 day notice, by landlord at any time).
If the pets owner is to be absent for an extended amount of time he/she must have someone to care for the pet.
Pet owner is responsible for the clean up of pet waste and other products involved in keeping the pet.
The owner of any animals must abide by all City, Town, County, and health department rules and ordinances regarding keeping such animals.
When living with roommates, all roommates must approve keeping of allowed pets.
Pets must not be allowed to disturb or disrupt roommates or other tenant of the building.
Partial list of acceptable pets(Must be approved by Landlord).
   Caged reptiles(snakes, bearded dragons, salamanders, newts)
   Caged mice, rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils.

Documentation of license and vaccination must be made available upon request to Manz Companies, for any animal that is required by law to have licensing and vaccinations.

Requests for accomodations for an assistance/companion animal must fill out an application available here and provide verification information.
All animals must be constrained to a cage or tank when not attended.

If an animal is lost on the property, please notify Manz Companies.

Any damage to the property caused by the animal or by failure of a tank or cage is the responsibility of the animals owner.

Wall hangings
Wall hangings(pictures, posters, etc.) should only be hung with small nails intended specifically for wall hangings, or thumb tacks. DO NOT use wall stickum or other similar products as they cause damage paint and other finished surfaces.
Please do not patch or repair nail holes or other damage caused by wall hangings. We will take care of repair as we have the correct materials and paints to match. Improper patching or repair will result in a repair bill.

Painting Policy
Painting is not allowed in any rental units without prior permission from Manz Companies.
Please contact us via phone 715-318-1122 or email if you would like to paint.

Smoking Policy
All of our locations are non smoking units.

Parking Policy
All vehicles on parking areas and driveways must be licensed and operational.
Vehicle must remain on paved or improved surfaces at all times.
Guests vehicles must not occupy parking spaces reserved for other tenants.
The specific rules for your parking are as shown on your lease or rental agreement.

Snow removal policy
If you have public or private sidewalks at the location you rent, you are responsible for removal of snow and ice from those sidewalks. City ordinances state that public sidewalks need to be reasonably free and clear of snow and ice within 24 hours following a snowfall, failure to do so will result in fees and fines being levied by city officials.

Removal of snow by landlord, if included in your lease or rental agreement, will include removal of snow from parking areas and driveways only, and will allow adequate access and parking of vehicles to meet parking agreements per your lease or rental agreement.

Removal of snow will occur within 24 hours of the end of a snowfall of 2” or more. That snow removal will start at various times depending upon the time of the end of the snowfall.

When a vehicle or other item occupies space on the parking area or driveway, that space will not be cleared (we will make our best attempts to clear around that space so access to that vehicle or item is not inhibited).

Service Calls
To request service for a problem, please fill out the service request form, HERE. Be as detailed as possible about the problem so we can respond with the correct tools and parts if needed.

For emergency problems or immediate service please call 715-318-1122

Lock out or lost keys
If you lock yourself out, please do not attempt to “pick” or otherwise bypass the lock, this can cause damage to the lock mechanism or door and will result in a repair bill. Contact us at 715-318-1122 and we will bring a service key and let you in. If you have lost your key we will provide a replacement for a minimal fee.

Security Deposit
A security deposit is required at the time of lease agreement or rental agreement signing. This security deposit will be deposited into our account and held without interest through the term of lease or rental agreement. Security deposit is not to be used for last months rent. The security deposit, less any amounts withheld for expenses, will be returned, within 21 days of moveout, to the address provided at the time of moveout, as a check issued in the name of the tenant on the lease or rental agreement.

Renters Insurance
All tenant are required to maintain a renters insurance policy. Our insurance will not cover your personal property or liability. Students may have coverage through there parents insurance policy. Please confirm that coverage with your insurance agent.

General Cleaning
All tenants are required to perform general cleaning duties to maintain normal cleanliness of the premises. We are not responsible for cleaning of the premises.

Payment Options
We do not require post dated checks.
Pay by check - rent can be payed by check and either mailed to our office or placed in the drop box located at the office (1608 Spooner Ave. Altoona, WI 54720).
Pay online - rent can be payed online thru services shown available on our website (all online credit card or debit card payments are processed by paypal)

All utilities for premises will be payed by tenants. Water and sewer billing will be maintained in the name of Manz Companies and billed to the tenant on a quarterly basis. All other utilities will be initiated by and billed to the tenant, Manz Companies has no responsibility for paying such utility bills.

Garbage and Recycling
Garbage and recycling services are to be initiated by and billed to the tenant unless otherwise stated in lease or rental agreement. When garbage and recycling service is included in lease or rental agreement, large items, electronics, and other items needing special disposal are not included and removal must be arranged by the tenant.
The city has regulations regarding storage and placement of garbage, recycling, and related containers. Click here to view.

Tax Forms and Receipts
Renters tax forms(Rent Certificate) and rent receipts will be provided upon request(Please allow 2 week for tax forms to be completed and mailed to you). The signed lease or rental agreement serves as the security deposit receipt.


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